Welcome to Driftwood Campers


“It’s not what you expect from your mid 40’s. Abandoned. Alone, in the middle of a field in Oxfordshire.


Well, that was me. My top peeling off, my windows broken. Just as I gave up all hope, along came Rocky & Wendy with such ideas – such vision…


Stripped down to my skimpiest undies, completely rebuilt with a wonder wood called Accoya® using techniques learned from 30 years of carpentry and wrapped up warm in insulation that was designed for the Space Shuttle.


And as they say, beauty is not just on the outside it also comes from within –  Reclaiming 1920’s oak parquet flooring, french copper and mixing it up to give me a cool contemporary look inside – who needs Gok when you’ve got Wend and Rock!”


Carbon neutral and sustainable we offer a bespoke service working closely with our customers. Combining their designs and needs with our experience to build a truly beautiful caravan.


Driftwood Campers – making the world a little more beautiful one van at a time.