About Us


Over 30 years in his trade, a little more than he’d care to admit to, Rocky has earned himself a well-respected reputation as a skilled carpenter and joiner. Inspired by building the Showman Wagons for a travelling circus, he set about planning his own self build touring wagon, toying with various ideas and designs until Wendy suggested the classic British Caravan.

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The Idea


Evoking fond memories of the good old days when her family would pile into the car and take to the road in a chorus of song and endless rounds of Eye-Spy, with their ‘Home from Home’ loyally following behind. The freedom of the open road and new exciting adventures ahead – the best feeling ever. Having seen so many ‘Grand Dames’ from the 70s being cast aside for younger models, it made sense to give these old ladies the full make over and a new lease of life.

Expertly Crafted


Working from our Gloucestershire workshop we hand craft these works of art with love and a keen eye for design.


Fighting his corner against cheap foreign imports, Rocky does his best to keep his trade alive. Taking on apprentices from a local college, he has played a huge role in developing some extremely skilled craftsmen.


All our vans are made to our customers’ specifications and we encourage them to get involved, as much as they choose, in the design and build.

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